A Giant Flashing Snowman

Irealized that my husband and I had vastly different decorating styles the firsttime I visited his condo many years ago and he proudly showed me both his ThreeStooges and “dogs playing poker” artwork hanging in his living.


Aswe have decorated several homes together over the years, we have surprisinglydeveloped a mutual style that we both love and I have even introduced him tothrow pillows, area rugs and matching table linens. And yes, his Three Stoogesand dogs playing poker pictures are proudly displayed in his “man cave thesedays.” But when it comes to outside Christmas decorations, we have never quitereached a compromise. 


Hismotto for outside Christmas decorations is “the brighter, the better” with hisfavorite decorations being his flashing blue snowflake lights while I decoratewith white lights, wreaths and matching bows. But after many years of ouroutdoor Christmas décor looking schizophrenic, we finally reached a compromise- I decorate the front yard and he gets the backyard.


Soif you drive through our neighborhood this year, from the street our home willbe decorated Southern Living style courtesy of me. But if you peek in ourbackyard, you will be treated to a 10-foot giant lighted snowman, the famousflashing blue lights and a large pig wearing a Christmas hat. But I have toadmit that as pretty as my part of the décor always looks, I can’t help butsmile each time I see a giant blinking snowman out the back window.