Dear Santa! Do you have Buckeyes in Your Sleigh?

I wanted to ask Santa for "Buckeye" candy.
I wanted to ask Santa for "Buckeye" candy.

Sure, Santa has dolls, bikes, and even Kindle Nooks on his sleigh. But what about peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate?  My dad called them “Buckeyes.”

Since his death in 2005, we have certainly missed the “Buckeyes” under our tree.  I was pregnant with my son the first year that he was not with us at Christmas.  About three weeks before I gave birth, my husband and I were in the kitchen trying to replicate dad’s masterpieces.

We failed miserably. 

Our buckeyes looked more like boulders, and we never got the chocolate right.  It was too “crackly,” not smooth like Dad’s.  I think he “tempered” his chocolate. We’re not sure, but his chocolate was as good as what you would find in a pricey candy store. His were melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Dad made his buckeyes in a commercial kitchen since he owned a restaurant. His recipe made over 250 buckeyes.  We would have settled for a nice few dozen.  But that was not meant to be that year.

Every year since, we have had children in addition to the regular hustle and bustle of the holidays. My husband and I have never tried to make Dad’s buckeyes again.

We have eaten a few at the farmer’s market.  They are delicious, but they are $1.50 each.  We don’t buy many and certainly miss the Christmas tin filled with his free buckeyes.

Those are memories of Christmas past. Cherished memories.

I may once again try to replicate Dad’s buckeyes, but this year, thanks to Pinterest, I think I’m going to put my own spin on something similar.

Buckeye Brownies!  The recipe looks a lot less labor-intensive, but will hopefully have the same delicious chocolate-peanut butter taste.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  What do you like to bake during the holidays?