Dogs are a Mom's Best Friend

Last week, my calendar was full of playdates. But they weren’t for my children – they were my energetic rescue dog, Katie.

I let her play with her best doggie friend several times and even drove to the dog park for a romp over the weekend. Before I had kids, my three dogs filled in as surrogate children, and I spent as much time as possible taking them on walks, play dates and relaxing together on the couch.

And just as everyone predicted, as soon as the kids joined the family, the dogs were knocked down the totem pole a bit.

But in the past, year my kids have gotten their own social lives and no longer need me for many of the things that I helped them with when they were younger. These days, my kids tend to tell me that they are going to a friend’s instead of me being the social director. And I have been told several times now that playdates are for babies and that what they do now is called “hanging out.” So I have noticed that the dogs are moving up in status again and seemed to be joined at my hip just like my kids were when they were little.

So whenever the kids are off doing their own things or “hanging out” with their friends, I have a furry friend in my lap. And I am betting that Katie the dog won’t start organizing her own playdates any time soon.