Two and change

Is there anyone who likes change less than a toddler?

Which is really too bad, because bless their hearts, their whole life is change at this age. Starting preschool, getting potty trained, doing the dishes (what!?) -- they learn something new every day, and a whole lot of that knowledge is life-changing, at least on their tiny scale.

So you'd think they'd be well equipped to embrace change, but noooo. Well, Nora isn't, anyway. How much does she hate change? Pretty much her whole solid-food-eating life, we've been using one set of little brightly colored plastic Ikea bowls to serve her fruit, oatmeal, pretty much anything that doesn't quite work on a plate. Some of them were starting to look like they'd been through the dishwasher a few dozen too many times, so I bought a new set of little brightly colored bowls that are slightly different hues, a slightly different shape, and not from Ikea. I put the first one down in front of her the other day and … bawling. THAT'S how much she hates change.

So I'm a little worried about how to execute the crib-to-big-girl-bed transition that is already way overdue. We're lucky she's not really the kind of kid to try to fling herself over the rail and out of the crib -- really, we're just going on blind faith that she won't do that, because she totally could. We're just not sure she knows that. But she'll figure it out, so a big-girl bed a bit closer to the ground is in order.

All we need to do is make a few small adjustments to her convertible crib -- yanking a side off of it, really -- and, voila, toddler bed. So you'd think this wouldn't be that big a change. But in preparation for that we've been trying to introduce her to the concept of a pillow and blanket (instead of no pillow and a sleep-sack), and that's gone nowhere fast. She LOVES her pillow and blanket, in theory. She asks for them when we go in to get her up in the morning or after a nap, and then pretends to sleep on them. But when it's actually time to go to sleep and we ask if she'd like her pillow and blanket? No and no. Or, if we are stupid and try to force the issue, bawling.


So now we're faced with that age-old question: should we sneak in the change as gradually and gently as possible or do it all at once, to get it over with? I'd hope for a "right" answer, but that'd be so much of a change from the usual uncertainty of parenting a toddler that I just might not be able to stand it.