The bright

"I don't like the bright!" Nora fusses the moment we step outside into the clear winter sunlight. She glares up into the sky and flails her hands as if to swat the sun away.

Furthermore, she's "not a fan" of the rain. Or of "the cloudy."

Apparently, our sweet daughter is a creature of the night. She loves to make Dada take her out on the back porch to find the moon through the pine trees that tower over our house. Doesn't matter if the temperature is hovering around freezing and she's in nothing but her pajamas. She wants to see her friend, the moon.

Does this mean she's destined to be a night person? Or just a complainer?

I have a feeling she'll change her tune, about "the bright" anyway, once spring gets here (if it ever gets here) and she realizes that the bright days are the go-to-the-park days. The bright days will become blow-bubbles-in-the-driveway days and maybe even ride-your-bike-up-and-down-the-street days.

But I hope she never falls out of love with the moon. That's beautiful in any season.