II remember being pregnant with Trevor and looking forward to taking beautiful photographs of my newborn and his toddler sister. But soon after I became a mom of two, I realized that my fantasy wasn’t going to become reality anytime soon. Laurel couldn’t resist the urge to poke her brother if she was within striking range, and Trevor spent most of his waking moments crying.

A few years down the road, I decided to try again. I dressed my two kids up in their holiday finest and staged an adorable Christmas photo complete with props and a Christmas tree background. Based on the dozens of adorable holiday pictures that arrive in my mailbox each year, I assumed it was an easy task. But after two hours, I had 200 pictures that included many of crying children, only one child because one had wandered off and lots of poses with “rabbit ears.” I finally gave up and sent a picture of the dogs in Christmas hats.

Over the years, I have managed to capture very few frame-worthy photos of Laurel and Trevor in the same shot. Then last week I saw my chance: My kids were together, actually laughing and smiling. But I didn’t click the button quick enough and I ended up with a classic shot of Trevor sticking his tongue out at Laurel.

I guess they make side-by-side picture frames for a reason.