Metal Folding Chairs, Hamburgers and Milk Toasts

I always imagined that my husband and I would spend our wedding anniversaries dining in romantic restaurants or traveling to cozy B&Bs. But once we became parents, I have to admit that our anniversaries have not been occasions that would be featured in Brides magazine. No matter what romantic date we plan, it always seems that they go awry.

An especially memorable anniversary was the one I spent in the ER with our son after he bounced out of a bouncy house. And on our 10th anniversary, we dined on pizza and paper plates in our kitchen as the whole family recovered from the flu. Last year, our fancy dinner at the Angus Barn turned into a meal for four after a baby sitter canceled at the last minute.

So based on our track record, I wasn’t surprised when we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this past week sitting on metal folding chairs in the school auditorium while our daughter sang with the choir. After the performance, we headed home to a family dinner of hamburgers on the grill.


But it seemed fitting, because after so many years, marriage really becomes so much about the wonderful life that you have created together in addition to your love for each other. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that celebrating as a family would be romantic, but honestly, watching my children make a toast (with milk in their glasses) to our marriage brought tears to my eyes. 


Happy Anniversary Trent, I look forward to celebrating many more years with you.