Eleven Years!

Leigh and Will Hines outside the First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC in April 2002.
Leigh and Will Hines outside the First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC in April 2002.

My husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

It doesn’t seem like we’ve been married 11 years. My husband would probably joke and say it seems longer.  I say it seems like yesterday.  I can’t believe 11 years have passed.

In those 11 years, we mourned the loss of my father, experienced the disappointment of two miscarriages, bought our first house, and experienced the joy of bringing two beautiful children into our family.

In those 11 years, we’ve experienced beach trips, mountain trips, day trips, and very few trips just as a couple.  We’ve spent countless hours in the car with screaming children wondering why we went on a trip in the first place. 

In those 11 years, we’ve watched 11 years of “CSI,” 10 years of “NCIS,” 9 years of “24,” 5 years of “Lost,” and have spent countless hours sitting side by side in front of the television.  As my husband will say, we’ve spent a lot more time in front of the TV than in the bedroom.

In those 11 years, I have been reminded at least twice a year why it is important to stick with a budget.

In those 11 years, I have never witnessed my husband complain about paying for a babysitter, even if he thinks we have gone out more than we should in a month.

In those 11 years, I witnessed my husband become an amazing father.

In those 11 years, I’ve grown to love my husband more each day. I admire the man he is, and I cannot imagine my life without him.

As each year passes, I am so thankful for the life we have together.  Sure, I drive him crazy with my messy countertops and receipts all over the house.  Yes, he can drive me crazy, too, but I probably drive him crazier because I’m so dependent on him.

In those 11 years, he has asked numerous times, “What would you do without me?”

Honestly, I don’t want to find out.

I really want to see a Golden anniversary in our future.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Hines! I am so glad to be Mrs. Hines.

Now, when are we going to dump the kids with someone and go on that second honeymoon?

I would marry you all over again in heartbeat.