When Life Throws You Lemons...

What do you do when life throws you lemons?
What do you do when life throws you lemons?

When life throws you lemons, do you make lemonade?

I like to think that we make the best of the not-so-best situations.

Over our Spring Break vacation that had been planned for months, three out of four of us got sick while on the trip. I was the lucky one, which is good for me because I was the only one working on this trip for my travel writing.  And, sure enough, as I mentioned in my column a few weeks ago, my daughter was diagnosed with pink eye, and wouldn’t you know that my son woke up with pink eye on the day we were to leave for vacation.  That was the first lemon tossed our way.

As any good parent would do on an Easter Sunday, I self-diagnosed him and gave him my daughter’s medicine. 

That’s right! No stopping us. Our destination was the mountains of North Carolina with our first stop in Asheville for the night.  After four long hours in the car with children arguing in the back seat, we finally got to our first destination.

Let me also emphasize that my husband is never sick.  He never takes a sick day.  He rarely even has a headache. 

But, in our hotel room in Asheville the next day, he woke up not feeling well.  Yep! That’s lemon number 2.

So not like him!  And it did not pass.  The hour-and-a-half ride to our final destination of Higlands, N.C., was pure torture.  Not only was he not feeling well in the passenger seat, the youngest child in the back seat couldn’t take the curvy roads.

She is yelling, “I want to go home!” Then she would follow up with, “I think I am going to throw up!”

She never did, but I pulled over three times.  Once we checked into the gorgeous Old Edwards Inn and Spa, my husband hit the bed.  That’s where he stayed for the next 36 hours! Meanwhile, I got to know the pharmacist in the cute little town quite well.  I think I bought all the anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medicine they had in stock.

At 6:15 a.m. on day three of our trip, another lemon hit me smack in the head in my bed.  My 3-year-old vomits all over the bed we’re sharing.  That’s lemon three, if you are counting.

My son and I leave the two sickies, and he accompanies me on some site visits and a trip to the pharmacy, of course. 

Luckily, she bounced back from her illness quickly.  Things started to look a lot better for us.  My husband was finally able to make it out of the hotel room.  We decided to look at some waterfalls in the area.

Now, the road leaving Highlands and going toward Franklin, North Carolina, is my version of hell.  But it’s the only way you are going to see some gorgeous waterfalls. Although a beautiful route, it is a curvy nightmare.   As we drove back toward Highlands, lemon number 4 comes out of nowhere.

Bam! It smacked all of us.  You guessed it.

My son got sick in the car. 

What is this?  Am I on some reality TV show where I am the butt of a joke?  I sure felt like it.

The Audi wagon was a mess.   It smelled.  Truthfully, we needed a lemon scent quickly.

Fortunately for us, the hotel laundered clothes for us AGAIN.  Until this trip, I had never tested that service in a luxury hotel. It’s a nice service when you ever need it. 

I don’t wish sickness on anyone, especially on a planned vacation, but this trip wasn’t a total loss.  It was certainly a memorable one, and the staff of Old Edwards Inn and Spa were lifesavers.  They took such good care of us.  I cannot thank them enough for helping us through a trying time.

It was as if they took all of those lemons and served me a refreshing glass of lemonade on a silver platter.

I’m happy to report that everyone is well now, but we’re just now sick of pollen.

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