Middle School

I am positive that I was more nervous than my daughter as we walked through the middle school hall filled with lockers and a not so faint odor of gym socks. But we weren’t here just for a sporting event or to watch a play. After weeks of filling out paper work and listening to Laurel debate the merits of all of her elective choices, the day had finally come for middle school orientation.


I thought going to orientation would feel the same way that I did when she started Kindergarten. But honestly, the pit in my stomach was much larger and my worries were bigger. Instead of crayon drawn pictures on the wall, there are anti-drug signs and posters for an upcoming school dance. And the tour talked to us about changing classes, dressing in uniforms for gym and the dreaded health class. Much more than Kindergarten, middle school really feels like the first step for her truly growing up. And I know that it be a blink of an eye before I am carrying boxes into her college dorm room.


As I watched Laurel ask questions to the tour guide about the band program and chat with her friends, it hit me that she is totally ready for the responsibility and the freedom.  But the jury is still out on me. At least I have a few more months to get use to the idea of middle school. Wish me luck, I think I am going to need it.