The Book

Bruce Ham
Bruce Ham

Some of you know I’ve been working on a book.  I think I’m nearing the end, if for no other reason, I can’t read it one more time!  I don’t yet know what it will cost, but you may want to start saving your money.  I’m sure it’ll be flying off the shelves.

One of my biggest issues now is coming up with a title.  I was talking to the girls about it last night, and they began to brainstorm.  These are their Top Ten suggestions:

Number 10:  Good Luck Bruce

Number 9:  Dad Moms

Number 8:  Not Glee

Number 7:  Three Little Pigs and One Real Big Pig

Number 6:  50 Shades of Dad

Number 5:  To Kill A Mommy Bird

Number 4:  House With Six Boobies

Number 3:  Mugs of My Life (Michelle’s idea when opening the cabinet holding all of my coffee mugs!)

Number 2:  Bye Bye Mommy

Number 1:  Les Misahappiness

I think I’ll just come up with something on my own.