Listen to Your Mother!

I’m guilty of not always listening to my mother.

Well, sometimes I did growing up, and sometimes I do now.  And on those occasions that I did listen, I made some pretty good decisions. I also made some pretty good decisions on my own by not listening, too.

Now that I’m a parent, I want my kids to listen to me.  But I also know that kids will have to figure out some things about life on their own.  I just hope I can guide them to make some good decisions along the way.

I think my mom planted the right seeds for some good decision making.  I hope to do the same with my two.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, I have come to realize that motherhood is one of the most important roles in life. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I formed a true respect for my own mother. Motherhood is a bond among women like none other. We can relate to birth stories, milestones, heartaches, and trying times.

What happens when you give a mother a microphone and let her tell her story?  You get a great performance.  In honor of Mother’s Day, a group of women that I know from my Triangle blogging circles are bringing the nationally acclaimed “Listen to Your Mother” show to Raleigh for the first time ever.  This heartfelt performance consisting of original live readings will be held May 8 on the campus of William Peace University.  Part of the proceeds from the show will benefit the local Triangle charity, Safe Child.  For more information on this show, and to buy tickets, visit

As we celebrate moms this month, always remember …it’s never too late to listen to your mother, if she is still on earth with you.  If not, then always listen to your heart because she’s right there.