Piled up

Note from Jennifer: I didn't get to write a post this weekend because I stuck catching up on endless loads of laundry. I thought I would share one of my favorite posts with you in ode to how I spent my weekend.

When my daughter was born, I was amazed at how much the addition of one eight and a half pound human could increase the amount of time I spent in the laundry room. I had assumed that it would be years till her clothes were big enough to make an impact on the laundry pile, but hadn't counted on the  number of outfits that I would go through each day from her spitting up and other messes.

During the preschool years, I thought we must be at the height of our families laundry production. The kids seemed to require a change of clothes every time we headed out in public because they spilled peaches on their shirt or somehow managed to find the one mud puddle within 30-miles. 

I was mistaken. I did not count on the number of fashion changes tween old girls make in a single day based on the event or their every changing mood. Or the fact that boys are physically incapable of keeping their clothes clean for longer than six minutes. And regardless of my numerous demonstrations on hanging up wet towels, my children reach for a clean one each night and empty the linen closet in record time.

I have now come to the sobering realization that I won’t have any laundry relief until they head to college. And I’m betting they pull the same trick I did in college and show up for visits home carrying a basket of dirty clothes.