Saying Goodbye to a Part of my Son’s Childhood for my 7th Mother’s Day!

The other day I realized I was saying goodbye to a part of my son's childhood this Mother's Day!
The other day I realized I was saying goodbye to a part of my son's childhood this Mother's Day!

When my children were born, I purchased each of them two luvies that were identical.  I wanted a backup in case one ever got lost.  One luvie stayed in the house, and the other luvie traveled with us in the car and on vacations. 

My children thought there was just one luvie until about the age of 2.  It was great at bedtime because if, for some reason, a luvie was temporarily misplaced in the house, I would run to the car and get the replacement.  That trick came in handy on many occasions.

My son has two blue elephants named “Ellie,” and my daughter has two brown owls, appropriately named “Hootie.”  They look identical, but, surprisingly, the children know which one is “House Ellie” and which one is “Car Hootie” and vice versa.  The things look the same to me.

You’ve seen them.  They look like animal heads with a soft blanket body. 

As toddlers, my kids always wanted to take “House Ellie” and “House Hootie” with them when we left, and I would tell them that the luvies would be waiting on them in the car.  And, sure enough, when I buckled them into their car seats, Ellie and Hootie were always there with them.

Later, once the cat was out of the bag that there were in fact two identical luvies, the car luvies got the nicknames of “Car Ellie” and “Car Hootie”.

As I was leaving my son’s room the other night, I noticed that “Car Ellie” was sitting on his dresser.  It dawned on me that it had been there for weeks following our Spring Break trip.

As myseventh Mother’s Day approaches, it hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw it on the dresser. It never made it back to the car after I washed it.  At that moment, I realized he no longer needed “Car Ellie,” and it made me sad.  I also knew that it would be only a matter of time before “House Ellie” had the same fate.

He’s growing up!

Right then and there, I felt as if I was living my own “Toy Story” movie.  That scene when Andy goes off to college makes me cry whenever I think about it. 

Then my mind wandered to the day that he is too big for “House  Ellie.” I said something about “Car Ellie” being on the dresser for weeks.

He said, “She like its better in here because she has the other animals to talk to in the room. She gets bored in the car!”

Well, at least he didn’t say, “I’m too big for it, Mom!”  I guess that is OK.

I’ll take that answer and be happy that “Car Ellie” has a new place in his room instead of in a box of things that he no longer needs, like when he goes to college. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!