It’s Not Babysitting! It’s called Parenting

My husband will have to parent solo while I'm away for the weekend.
My husband will have to parent solo while I'm away for the weekend.

I’m about to embark on an adventure.

I’m heading north to Toronto, Canada, for a quick two days at the end of the week.

Just me.  I am calling it a work trip even though, as my husband reminds me, I’m technically unemployed since I don’t draw a consistent salary. 

I’ll be attending one of the largest Travel Writing/Blogger conferences in the world, and I’ll get to meet my editor at Skimbaco Lifestyle for the first time. I can't wait.

Of course, while I’m there, I’ll be working on my next “Pack Your Bags” feature and will write about my lovely host, the Hotel le Germain Maple Leaf Square. They’ve already tweeted me and told me to be sure to enjoy the complimentary cappuccino in the lounge before I head out to the conference.

Ah, that just makes me love luxury hotels even more.

So, as I’m enjoying my complimentary cappuccino, my husband will be at home making toaster pastries and frozen waffles.

When I told the kids I was leaving for a quick two days, my first solo trip in eight years, my daughter replied.

“Is Daddy going to babysit?”

No, dear.  He’s your parent, too, and he parents. He does not babysit.

I’ve gotten a similar reaction from my own mother when I have gone out to dinner with a girlfriend, and he had to cook dinner and put the kids to bed alone.  She felt so sorry for him and hoped he could manage.

She would ask, “Should I come over and help?” 

NO! Considering the fact that my mother does not cook at all, and that the kids act even crazier when she is around, she’s better off getting in her PJs at 7 p.m. like she normally does on any given night.

My being gone for two days will not be a picnic in the park for him.  It would not be for me, either, if the roles were reversed, but I think single parenting is expected more from women.  With that said, just because he has a penis, that doesn’t mean he can’t do a good job and manage things very well on his own.

He is a good father. He parents well.  In all honesty, he handles things better than I do. I feel very confident leaving him for two days.  My only guilt is that he does have to take a day off because work will be impossible since my youngest is already out of preschool for the summer.

He’s not alone in the good job that he will do. There are so many single fathers out there now that do a great job every single day. 

Things are certainly different from generations ago, but many fathers have shown that taking care of children is not solely a mother’s job.

In today’s households, moms and dads parent together. 

I did tell my husband that he should let my mom come over and play with the kids because every good parent deserves a break.

Hopefully, he will do that.  And I also hope they miss me just a little. 

Due to my travels, I’ll not be on TriangleMom2Mom next week, but I’ll be back on June 12.  Be sure to follow the HinesSight Blog for my travels to Toronto.