Cheers to Summer Vacation and No Homework!

I'm looking forward to no homework this summer, and I'm not even in school.
I'm looking forward to no homework this summer, and I'm not even in school.

Summer vacation has officially started in our house. Monday was the last day of elementary school until August 26.

The first week of summer vacation is the best.  Isn’t it?

There’s no rush to get out of the house on a school morning.  We can stay in our PJs a little while longer.

That’s my favorite part of the first week or so of summer vacation.

Wait a minute!  I’m an idiot.

That PJ lounging is not happening in my house because I signed the kids up for camp right off the bat.

What was I thinking?

OK. So no lounging around in our PJs in June except on Fridays when there isn’t camp.  But summer vacation is still good, right?  We’re free from a schedule.

We can do what we want.

Well, almost.  My oldest child has swim lessons, which will be at 4 p.m. for two days a week.

At least summer vacation means no carpool commute. I can get back my 48 minutes of the day when I made two trips to downtown Raleigh Monday through Friday during the school year. And maybe I can even save some on gas this summer.  That $70 a week in gas broke my piggy bank.  Ouch!

But then as I started to go over our summer schedule, I realized that I will be taking him back to his own school for invention camp, plus I’ll be driving him all over for other camps, swim lessons, and fun excursions.

I’ll still be keeping the road hot when school is not session.  I may still be driving around about 48 minutes of the day, if not more.

But I’ve learned from firsthand experience that if I don’t keep these kids busy some of the time this summer, then I won’t survive it. There has to be a good balance of structure and free time.  If I’m home all day in a neighborhood with no other kids and no set plans, then World War III will erupt over my son spending too much time on the computer or in front of a television. 

I make him read.  I make him go outside. I make him play with his sister. Yes, I do.  But he’s back within five minutes asking when he can get back on the computer.

7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for 11 weeks in the hot, humid summer is a long time for a tired, middle-aged mama to fill. A very long time!  Can you tell that I’m a wee bit jealous of the yearround school moms about right now?

Sure, we’ve got some vacations planned, but my husband only has so much vacation time, and we only have so much money we can budget to travel.

We have to make the best of it right here in North Carolina, and I am planning to do some local travel and excursions on my own with the kids, so be sure to follow along on the HinesSight Blog.

But I have to admit that the one real thing I am truly thankful for this summer is no homework or special projects.  What a pain in the rear end that was during the school year.  Right?

So cheers to 11 weeks of NO HOMEWORK.  Thank God!

I swear not having to supervise homework during the busy afternoon dinner prep time will honestly give me the will to survive summer vacation.

I may be frizzy-haired, exhausted, and at my wit’s end by August, but, by golly, I’m going to enjoy not having homework this summer. 

What will you enjoy most about summer vacation?