Competing with a Cat on Facebook

I'm really a cat lover. I just don't want to compete with a cat on Facebook.  Right now, the cat is winning.
I'm really a cat lover. I just don't want to compete with a cat on Facebook. Right now, the cat is winning.

I’ve got nothing exciting for you this week. Sorry! I’m boring. We lost power at our home for over 24 hours after last week’s storms. That was the pits. That experience just really confirmed that power is definitely a necessity, and I’m glad that I didn’t live in the pioneer days. I hope your family braved the storm OK.

Something caught my eye on CNN this week that I just couldn’t ignore.

 A cat named Morris is running for mayor in the eastern Mexican City of Xalapa.  Get this: He now has 120k Facebook fans, and there is no telling what his numbers will be when this piece runs on Wednesday.  Seriously, he gets a new follower about every second.  

He’s not even a real candidate for mayor.  He’s a CAT!  I don’t even know if he is a real cat. He could be an entirely made-up cat for all I know.  But if he is real, then he looks my college cat.  No wonder I liked him.

I'm not knocking cats. Cats are probably my most favorite animal. So, I'm certainly don't want to upset the cat lovers out there. However, the last time I checked, cats can’t hold office, but, apparently, they can type and post photos of other cats, and someone new will come along and like his Facebook page every second. WTF?

I get it. There is a bigger political message behind this cat.  But I’m still amazed at his Facebook growth, and, truthfully, I have a little feline envy.

Facebook fans can’t get enough of this feline. They like, comment, and share his material like crazy.  One photo got around 42 shares, which is how Morris continues to grow his audience on social media.

As a blogger, I have had to learn to navigate social media, and I have my own Facebook page just like Morris.  Unlike Morris the cat, I have put blood, sweat and tears into every follower I have, and after two years, I finally reached over 1,000 people.  The same holds true with Triangle Mom2Mom; we finally reached 1,000 fans here after many years, too. 

We are so thankful for everyone who likes our pages, but when we see Morris the Cat’s page grow every second, and our pages go up and down like a yo-yo, and the numbers stay in place, we can’t help but wish we had some of that cat’s meow.  The bottom line: It’s all about exposure and the sharing of material these days when it comes to the inner workings of Facebook.

Facebook algorithms make it very difficult for page owners even to reach their audience these days, much less reach new people on Facebook.  Even though 1,000 people may like our page, when we post something, Facebook will show it only to about 100 people unless we pay to boost the post. 

It can be frustrating for us as a business and we aren't even selling things. We are just sharing news and features. I would love to say that Facebook numbers don’t matter, but, unfortunately, when you are working with advertisers, your reach does matter. 

So if you haven’t liked the Triangle Mom2Mom Facebook page or the HinesSight Blog page, we would love for you to do so.  I have a great local giveaway on my blog this week that involves wine and food. I think you will love it.

If you join our pages, I can’t promise you that we will share any cat photos, but if it gets you to like our pages, I’ll be happy to throw one on my blog page, on occasion. After all, I am a cat lover. 

Go ahead. I know you want to do it. You can read more about Morris here, and see his fan page here