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JellyBath, $12-24

The tester: Ometrice "O" Morris, 55, a retired nurse who lives in Wakefield.

The product: JellyBath is a bath or mani/pedi pre-soak that turns to jelly, which helps retain heat. I am a huge fan of the long hot tub soak. So I read the instructions on how to achieve this "virtual bath blanket with mint aroma, therapeutic stress relief, plus the ability to ease tension" with wild anticipation.

The test: I added the ingredients to the tub as directed and slowly submerged myself expecting a wonderful spalike experience. What I got was a horrific tub full of quicksand-like gelatin that not only was disappointing but turned out to be dangerous as well. This gooey mess was like swimming in slime, the mint scent was practically nonexistent and the substance was so slippery that, on first try, I could not get out of the bathtub!

The warning: I had such a difficult time getting my footing to stand up that I almost considered calling the paramedics for assistance. Of course I reconsidered that when I realized I was naked, with rollers in my hair and a brown mud cleansing facial smeared across my face! I staggered out of the tub, only to land flat on my bum on my bathroom floor.

Final thoughts: JellyBath does become the translucent fluffy jelly, as advertised. But I did not experience any therapeutic benefits. I rate this product a D, for totally disappointing.