Refresh your style

Adrienne Banks, a Durham health educator, had gotten into a rut: Dark blazer and pants at work, dark blazer and jeans for play. Worse, she was convinced that she didn't look good in sandals, bright colors, anything that showed her legs. One marathon session later, she saw the light.

The jeans are a good choice for Adrienne's shape, but the clogs, dark blazer and top don't say, "I'm ready to relax."

An eyelet lace wrap dress (Eliza, $29) shows off the nipped-in waist Adrienne was hiding. Polka dots liven up the peep-toe wedges (Bongo, $25), while a bright purse (Nine West, $30), necklace (Adrienne's own) and headband provide pops of color.

Her skin glows in a hot pink silk dress (Jones New York, $60) that accents her curves. A leather clutch and brown, round-toe pumps (stylist's own) are ready to impress.

"You know, I never wear dresses. But now, I don't remember why. My eyes have been opened."

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