Refresh your style

Suzen Hutchison, 51, is on a roll. The Cary nurse lost 80 pounds and has kept it off for five years, and in June she's getting married. Her dilemma: 'I don't know my style. Never did.'

The tapered-leg jean accentuates the thinness of Suzen's leg but makes her middle look thicker by comparison. The bulky, dark turtleneck adds to that effect.

This is much more sophisticated. The wide-leg denim trousers (Jones New York, $35) skim over her tummy. The crinkled tank ($10) and wrap top (August Silk, $20) carve out a shapely waist and light up her complexion. The pointed-toe pumps (BCBG, $45) continue the long leg line.

Va-voom -- the wrap dress (Ronnie Nicole II, $25) cinches Suzen's waist and highlights her slim hips and shapely legs. The shoulder bag (Kathy Van Zeeland, $40) adds a jolt of color.

Le Mystere bra, $10; and Suzen's own Spanx shapewear.

"I've always been kind of self-conscious, so this is new for me. ... But look how good this looks!"


Sheon Ladson


Courtesy of Marshalls in Durham


Suzen's own

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