Refresh Your Style

Channeling Roseanne

Debra's go-to outfit, especially in the months since she lost her job, has been frumpy: black shapeless knit top and tapered-leg pants that hug her calves. Not sexy. Not inspiring. Or fun. (Where's the color, aside from the touch of hot pink in the sneakers?)

Hey there, Red!

Here's what skillful cutting and coloring can do for no-longer-red hair. Debra's hair was cut to above-shoulder length to give her locks some swing. Her eyebrows got a tint of color, too, to better frame her face. MAC makeup perks up her face, including foundation, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. A wire-free, supportive bra ( The Bra Patch of Raleigh, $48) gives her torso more curve. She goes trendy in a patterned, stretch maxi-dress ( Macy's, Raleigh's Crabtree Valley Mall, $66.75), over a brown tank top ($24.98), which, along with her own slip, keeps everything modest and smooth, not overexposed. The knit jacket with draped collar ( Belk, at Crabtree, $68) is feminine and versatile. The orange thong sandal ( Payless, at Crabtree mall, $14.99, on BOGO) and white, faux-leather Minicci purse ($7.49), add more polish. Bracelets (stylist's own) add other hits of color.

Make more outfits: For other casual looks, Debra can team the tank top, draped jacket, sandals and purse with jeans or a skirt. The jacket will be office-appropriate worn with a button-down blouse and trousers.

Stylist: Sheon Ladson

Staff photos: Juli Leonard

Hairstyling: Keith Turnmire Designs, Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

Makeup: Regina Hines for Mac cosmetics, Belk at Crabtree Valley Mall

She's a winner! Debra snagged a $250 Crabtree Valley Mall gift card and other goodies in the contest. Good things have happened since: She is reconnecting (through Facebook) with school friends and feeling more energetic since her medication for thyroid disease was adjusted. "I'm feeling good, like I'm coming out of my funk," she said. "Not to be overdramatic, but this has been life-changing." See what moms had to say about their styles at