Baring all their gripes

We knew we had a tough task ahead when more than 320 of you replied to our call for new N&O Beauty Panel members.

It was the biggest response yet, and likely the most passionate bunch of e-mail messages and letters we've received, with many of you baring your growing concern about wrinkles, dry skin, acne and the biggie – precious little time to devote to beauty.

The majority of respondents were in their 30s and 40s, with most telling us how they're just starting to see the real effects of aging. And boy, did they find it scary.

But we received more applications than ever from those over 65, proving again that the quest for beauty and healthy skin knows no age limit.

Our five picks were based on demographics, writing skill and love of beauty products. To connect with as many readers as possible, we have our youngest and oldest panelists yet, a 17-year-old from Holly Springs and a 70-year-old from Chapel Hill. We also have two 30-somethings and a 45-year-old.

They're like a lot of us, struggling with acne, dry skin and the never-ending quest for the right product at the right price. We hope you see something of yourself in at least one of them.