Refresh your style

Loie Weidner, 57, threw away all of her "teacher" clothes a couple of years ago when she retired. But now the wife and mother of one says she doesn't know "how to rebuild my wardrobe around my new life of relaxation and fun." She admits to wearing her daughter's castoffs. We shopped with her at Marshalls in New Hope Commons in Durham to give her a new outlook on dressing.

Weidner got the basic elements for her everyday outfit right: jeans, a top and hoodie. But it doesn't say smart and stylish.


A stylish alternative. Dark denim trousers with stretch (Larry Levine, $20) are comfortable, a linen top (Allison Taylor, $17) shows off Weidner's trim waist, and the colored trench (Kenar, $40) lights up her face and creates a long, lean line. The roomy, structured bag (Liz Claiborne, $35) and scarf (O Oscar, $10) add a few pops of color, and the flats (Guess, $40) are pretty and comfortable.

Here's an outfit for fancier times, such as dinner out with friends. The flowy skirt (Allison Taylor, $20) shows off Weidner's legs without exposing too much, the orange top (Tommy Hilfiger, $20) adds color near her face and the structured jacket (DKNY Jeans, $40) hugs Weidner's curves and looks sophisticated. The platforms (AK Anne Klein, $40) step up the sophistication and echo the color of the jacket.

These two outfits mix and match.

trouser + jacket + orange polo + blue platforms = DATE NIGHT OUTFIT

skirt + green linen top + flats + orange bag = LUNCH WITH GIRLFRIENDS

Weidner loves the looks, and she plans to buy the denim trouser, the flats and the top. "I really shocked my family by doing this. They said, 'But you never go shopping.' But it was fun, and I think the outfits look great."