Beauty panel


The tester: Ometrice "O" Morris, 55, a retired nurse who lives in Wakefield.

O's commentary: Ladies, let me be up front and honest here. Eye makeup removers are not the blazing stars of the beauty world. They are at best, simply functional, and at worst, leave you with two stinging black eyes resembling a tired pitiful raccoon. While we love the metamorphosis that mascara, liners and eye shadows give us, at the end of the day, we just want the plaster, spackle and paint removed. Having said that, I have to admit I was somewhat intrigued by this cool, botanical beauty brand from France that touts the use of wild cornflower as its chief ingredient. Native Americans used this common flower, also know to us as Echinacea, as an herb to treat skin infections, wounds, poisonous stings and bites. Loved by herbalists for its soothing and calming effects to the skin, I was very curious about what effect this would have on my over-50, delicate eye areas.

The test: My hubby and I enjoyed a night out and it was time for the long drive home. I first considered the horrible habit of sleeping in my makeup when suddenly I realized I had the sleek jar of Klorane in my purse. So I decided, 'Why not use it in the car on my way home?' It claims to have the Ph level identical to tears and that it needs no water. Let's see how it stands up to three coats of mascara, black kohl eyeliner and dark brown eye shadow. Besides, it would be a great way to sit through 20 red lights.

The results: After exiting the car, I headed into the house to inspect my cleansed face. Did it do a good job removing eye makeup? Yes! And it also removed my face powder, foundation, two coats of red lipstick and left my face feeling velvety smooth. Goodness it was so soothing! My tired eyes felt like they had been given a big drink of ice water. All traces of makeup were gone, it didn't sting or feel the least bit oily, and my face was ready for the application of my favorite night cream, without using one drop of water.

Group hug: I gave some of the pads to the Babylon Sisters, the diverse members of my book club. One of the ladies said it was so cool it felt like a decongestant and was especially effective on her puffy eyes. Another thought it did a great job totally removing her eye makeup with just one pad, making it economical. And one stylish member used it on waterproof mascara, and while she needed more than one pad, it was still effective. Refreshing was the term used by everyone.

Final thoughts: This French botanical makeup remover is a real hit. I can truthfully say I love using it.