‘Prison Bae’ arrested in Wake County is new ‘Hot Felon’

Mekhi Alante Lucky
Mekhi Alante Lucky

Jeremy Meeks isn’t the only “hot felon” anymore. A man arrested in Wake County has now been dubbed “Prison Bae” by the Internet.

Mekhi Alante Lucky, 20, was arrested in Wake County in 2016 and charged with felony counts of possessing a stolen vehicle and eluding arrest. He’s now been signed to St. Claire Modeling in Atlanta.

Jeremy Meeks, the “original hot felon,” was discovered by modeling agencies after the mugshot from his 2014 arrest during a gang sweep in Stockton, Calif., went viral.

Lucky also has two misdemeanor charges for interfering with emergency communications and resisting an officer, also in 2016.

In Lucky’s mugshot, you can see that he has one blue eye and one brown eye – a rare genetic condition called heterochromia. It was that feature that caught the attention of the modeling agency.

“Last year, I began seeing Mekhi’s mugshot on Instagram. I instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Claire Modeling,” Damiani O’Bryant, of St. Claire Modeling, told BuzzFeed.

While his Internet nickname is “Prison Bae,” Lucky hasn’t actually been incarcerated in a federal facility, according to North Carolina arrest records. He has, however, spent some time in the Wake County jail.


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