Style Gifts: If they love it, then it was your idea

Bath bombs from Lush, available at for $3.95 to $8.95, in New York, Nov. 9, 2015. The bath bombs will color your suds while nourishing your skin with essential oils and ingredients like fair trade vanilla.
Bath bombs from Lush, available at for $3.95 to $8.95, in New York, Nov. 9, 2015. The bath bombs will color your suds while nourishing your skin with essential oils and ingredients like fair trade vanilla. NYT

When they say the three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving, they’re leaving off the fourth: gift-giving. What to get for a person who keeps an eye on the most current “it” objects, or for the 15-year-old member of Generation Z who thinks your taste is “soooo lame”? We’re here to help. For more gift guide recommendations, go to or

For The Woman Who Is Impossible To Shop For

Gloss Set ICYMI. Gloss is back. Add some shine to her lips this season with MAC’s sampling of four new holiday colors. A set of violet hues includes a clear gloss with iridescent finish for a little fun during the day and a deep purple mauve for a more moody late night. ($35,

Glossier’s Mask Duo Set. This box includes six packets of the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask made with kaolin clay and six of the Moon Masks, containing almond oil, honey, licorice root and other delicious-sounding ingredients. ($38,

99 Classics Gold Headphones. Meze makes headphones that could serve as heirlooms for audiophiles, marrying serious style with high performance. A balanced, crisp sound resonates through maple or walnut ear cups featuring a natural grain as unique as each wearer’s musical tastes. ($309,

Four-sided iPad Stand. Nature-inspired aesthetics meet tech with this wooden iPad stand by WoodWarmth that doubles as a charging station. It’s a handsome space-saving item. ($129,

For The Man Who Likes The Finer Things In Life

Hestra Gloves. These handmade leather gloves are lined with cashmere. They’re from Hestra, a family-run Swedish company that is reviving the art of glove making with 17th-century techniques adapted for the 21st-century man. ($475,

Cashmere Socks. These 100 percent cashmere socks are a true winter indulgence. They’re made by Corgi, a Welsh company founded in 1892, but great for a Netflix-and-chill night in 2016. ($85,

Gray Turtleneck Sweater. It’s gone from normcore to now, thanks to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video. A terry cotton model is from Our Legacy. ($185,

‘The Decline Of Western Civilization’ Box Set. Penelope Spheeris’s 1981 documentary offered a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles punk scene in the late 1970s. This box set also collects the director’s two follow-up films, forming a trilogy that chronicles some of the most influential bands of the era, including Black Flag. (From $47.98,

GAP Sherpa-lined Denim Jacket. Few pieces of clothing are as timeless as a denim jacket. Evoke the era when Americana and rock ’n’ roll ruled with this 1969-inspired sherpa-lined piece. ($98,

For The Generation Z’er Whose Taste You Still Don’t Understand

3-D Printer. Printing a three-dimensional object is now as simple as posting a photo to Tumblr. New Matter’s elegant, quiet 3-D printer, safely encased in glass, is built to sync seamlessly with custom software and print customizable objets d’art. ($399,

Vintage Board Games. In the bygone age before Words With Friends, board games like Candy Land and Twister ruled. Candy Land pleases the Candy Crush addicts, and getting tangled up in Twister is the ideal precursor to a tech-free moment under the mistletoe. (From $17.99,

Hoverboard. Marty McFly fans can go back to the future on this rechargeable hoverboard, which takes intuitive cues from subtle shifts in your body weight. ($499.99,

’90s Toy Sweater. Shop Jeen is the shopping destination for Gen Z, and now they can channel a decade they barely even experienced with this sweater that features Pokémon, Power Rangers, Slinkies and Trolls. ($60,