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Grilled packet potatoes are easy to prepare, share

Eating anything from a packet of foil off the grill brings back fond memories of camping with my grandpa Ted. We made everything from trout fresh out of the stream to a tortilla chip version of Frito Pie with a can of bonfire-hot canned chili.

Of course, it’s a fun presentation, but grilling in foil is also an efficient way to cook. You can parse out servings, keep flavors distinct (go ahead and grill fish at the same time), and leftovers are take-to-work ready.

There are a million ways to flavor these. You can go the traditional route with chopped rosemary and garlic, or sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and Parmesan. They would be amazing with a piece of prosciutto laid across the top.

Recently, I cleaned out my spice drawer and counted up 10 different jars of flavored salts. So for this dish, I used some Piri Piri chile salt that I really love on meats, from a company called The Chili Lab.

I also had a beautiful bouquet of garlic scapes from my CSA box, so I put a raw scape in each packet. They were sweet and tender, and gave my guests a little surprise when we opened the foil packets. You can substitute a green onion for the scape. Or add whole garlic cloves, skins intact. You will end up with a soft, roasted garlic clove to spread across the potatoes or on a piece of bread.

Sara Kate Gillingham is founding editor of, a website for food and home cooking.