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18 Seaboard offers secret to meatloaf

Recently, I met with colleagues at 18 Seaboard for a holiday lunch. Two of us ordered their grilled meatloaf entree, which was delish! I hope they will share the recipe. -- C.M., Raleigh

Jason Smith, chef/proprietor of 18 Seaboard (18 Seaboard Ave.; 861-4318;, is happy to oblige. Smith notes that "our wood-fired grill is what makes it special," and suggests finishing slices of the baked meatloaf on a charcoal or gas grill just before serving to approximate the effect at home.

In the restaurant, the meatloaf is served with goat cheese and smashed new potatoes. You can find that recipe, as well as the recipe for the homemade Worcestershire sauce that Smith uses in the meatloaf, online at