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Dip into Greek fare

My husband and I love to visit the Greek restaurant Taverna Agora on Glenwood Avenue. It has wonderful atmosphere as well as awesome food. One particular item we love is the olive oil dipping sauce. Do you think you could encourage them to share the recipe? -- L.C., Raleigh

Bill Kalyvas, managing partner and chef at Taverna Agora (6101 Glenwood Ave.; 881-8333;, is happy to provide the recipe for the dipping oil, noting that in Greece it is called Ladoregani. Kalyvas also generously shares the secrets of Moscharaki Stifado, a veal stew whose recipe was handed down to him by his mother-in-law, Ariadni Antonakakis.

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Ladoregani (Dipping Oil)

Moscharaki Stifado (Veal Stew with Baby Pearl Onions)

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