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Soothing soup from Lantern

I recently had a cucumber and cilantro soup at Lantern that was perfect during this hot weather. I've thought about just winging it without a recipe, but I'm sure my results won't be as good. Any chance they'd share the recipe? -- R.D., Raleigh

Andrea Reusing is chef-proprietor of Lantern (423 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill; 969-8846;, whose fresh take on Asian cuisine has garnered national accolades. Reusing spills the soothing secrets of her Icy Spicy Cucumber Soup.

She also shares a recipe for Indian Vegetable Stew with Tomato-Saffron Broth and Chickpea Dumplings, along with the following description: "This is an extremely versatile stew that can incorporate a wide range of late summer market produce in various combinations with great results. It is an ideal make-ahead dinner: All elements can be prepared several hours in advance and then quickly combined right before serving. At the restaurant, we serve it with a fresh cucumber-yogurt raita and spicy pickled red onions, but it would pair well with a prepared chutney as well. The dumplings are dense, sour and chewy, similar to the traditional southern Indian idli, which are typically made from fermented dal and rice."


Icy Spicy Cucumber Soup

Indian Vegetable Stew with Tomato-Saffron Broth and Chickpea Dumplings

Chickpea dumplings

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