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My dear friend and I eat at Hereghty Heavenly Delicious once a month if possible. The desserts are truly like part of the name -- Heavenly Delicious. Would the pastry chef share the recipe for the Financiers? -- G.B., Raleigh

Hereghty Heavenly Delicious (2603-123 Glenwood Ave.; 510-9161; is owned by pastry chef Chris Hereghty and his brother, Brian. Chris Hereghty shares his recipes for the French tea cakes called Financiers, and for Flourless Chocolate Cake. Note that, true to his classic European training, Hereghty gives measurements in weight amounts by grams. We've converted these measures to their approximate volume equivalents. But if you have a kitchen scale, it's more accurate to use the weight measures.



Flourless Chocolate Cake

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