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Autumn dishes from the chefs

I recently dined at Four Square in Durham and loved the entrée of Baby Pumpkin with Risotto and Spiced Rum Butter Sauce. This is a perfect autumn dish with beautiful color, and absolutely divine! Would they be willing to share the recipe? -- B.F., Durham

Could you please try to get the recipe for Chipotle Sweet Potato Dumplings from Zest Café in North Raleigh? I've never had anything like them, a little bit spicy and oh so good! -- A.E., Wake Forest

Shane Ingram, owner/chef of Four Square (2701 Chapel Hill Road; 401-9877;, generously shares the secrets of a dish that would make an elegant vegetarian entrée for the Thanksgiving table. James Castellow, executive chef at Zest Café (8831 Six Forks Road; 848-4792; is likewise obliging. Castellow offers three serving suggestions for his Chipotle Sweet Potato Dumplings, which won a 2007 Best Recipe award from the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.


Chipotle Sweet Potato Dumplings

Baby Pumpkin with Risotto and Spiced Rum Butter Sauce

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