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Sweet and savory treats from Margaret's

Almost every time we go to Margaret's Cantina at Timberlyne in Chapel Hill, no matter what else I order, I order a side of the wonderful Southwestern Grits. Can you possibly get the recipe? -- S.S., Chapel Hill

Margaret's Cantina has a delightful recipe for Mexican Tres Leches cake, which I order whenever it's on the menu. There are many things that the cooks and dessert chef do well at Margaret's, but this is a rare treat. Any chance Margaret will share the recipe? -- L.C., Pittsboro

Margaret Lundy, owner of Margaret's Cantina (1129 Weaver Dairy Road; 942-4745; is doubly obliging, sharing recipes both savory and sweet.

For the Pastel de Tres Leches, Lundy adapted a traditional Mexican recipe to suit her own sweet tooth. Of the Southwestern Grits, she says, "I created this recipe as a Sunday brunch menu item. The brunch was short-lived, but the grits were so popular I put them on the regular menu as a side dish."

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