Celebrity Dairy Sunday dinners

The Celebrity Dairy in Siler City has two upcoming Sunday dinners: Mother’s Day and the third Sunday this month.

There is only one seating at 1:30 p.m. The meals cost $50, which includes gratuity and tax.

The Mother’s Day menu includes sparkling white grape juice, goat cheese platter, salmon spread with baguette, fruit with apricot chevre, butternut squash soup with crab meat, chicken breasts stuffed with chèvre quinoa pilaf, asparagus with dill sauce over spring greens, sunny slope tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, clover leaf rolls with honey butter, fresh coconut cake with berries and tea and coffee.

The May 18 dinner menu includes sparkling grape juice, goat cheese platter, goat cheese crepe pockets, chicken breasts stuffed with fennel and leeks, asparagus with dill sauce, spring greens, sunny slope tomatoes and crumbled chevre, spelt rolls with honey butter, strawberry shortcake, tea and coffee.

Call 919-742-5176 to make a reservation. Info: