Reader tells Weigl: You dropped the ball!

I did get one strong reaction to my recent column about offering to teach a warehouse store shopper to cook.

I decided to share it below since it was not published as a letter to the editor. In response to Catherine Hendee, touché on the lunch meat comment and I have long suspected paper products are cheaper with coupons from other stores. It might be time to investigate that further.

(I have a follow-up column running next week about all the readers who volunteered for these cooking lessons.)

Here is the letter as it appeared in my inbox:

“I am writing in regards to the article on warehouse foods in which you dropped the ball! The items you buy are on the list of 10 things you should never buy from a warehouse store. The diapers & paper products are actually cheaper with coupons from Target or Walmart (your choice). The dog food will probably kill your dog and so you need to look up that brand on the internet- but it’s your choice, cheap food and lots of disease when they’re older or better food from an upscale dog store. You don’t think lunch meat is processed??? HAHA I haven’t eaten lunch meat in years because I try to eat real food, cooked by me, and there is a name and an app for that now days and it’s Paleo Diet (I call mine abbreviated Paleo diet) which is real food with conveniences of this century. So that isn’t to say that I don’t buy Costco’s uncooked pizza occasionally which are really cheap, that I can cut into 8 large slices, wrap individually, then freeze and have a piece at lunch over 2 months. You are judging, and incorrectly because I add veggies and then cook the slice in the toaster oven. I also consider Costco’s tomato-basil soup better than mine, and with only 7 real ingredients I am very happy to add that to my freezer, pulling out one of the two containers to eat when needed. I live alone, so I have to eat what I buy and open so I usually take something that size to work and eat it every day that week. I use a Fitbit to keep track of my intake and according to them, that soup as well as many other things in that store, have only a few natural ingredients, low sugar, low fat, and taste better than I can make. More examples are both the hummus (no matter how easy it is to make, I like theirs better and it’s no more fat or sugar) and their chicken salad. I take the yolk out of hard-boiled egg and add the hummus which can be breakfast on a hurried day or a snack after exercising. I buy their avocados, pull one out of the refrigerator drawer the day before you want to eat it and fill half an avocado with a scoop of their chicken salad. I go the YMCA daily, I don’t eat out and do not consider this eating ‘processed food’. I buy La Croix water there too, it’s $7 for 24 cans! You are not capable to teach anyone how to use a Warehouse store since you are not using it correctly for me at least; I’ll not make the same presumptuous mistake you did. I’ll continue to use coupons and get my paper products cheaper but there are plenty reasons that I will continue to purchase the ready-made products that I consider healthy at Costco.”

Best Regards,

Catherine Hendee

Cary, NC

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