Recap of new foods at the NC State Fair

I created a Storify to recap Monday’s N.C. State Fair media lunch where the press got to taste some of the new foods at the fair.

To see what worked (deep-fried pimento cheese wontons, High on the Hog sandwich) and what didn’t (deep-fried peanut butter-stuffed pickle), check it out at

Check out my story in Monday’s paper previewing some of these new foods with detailed directions on where each food can be found on the fairgrounds, go to

And we have a video featuring the Ragin’ Cajun booth owners who are debuting pimento cheese hushpuppies with bacon and jalapeno served with a sriracha bang bang sauce at this year’s fair:

To see a video of myself and Thad Ogburn tasting some of the dishes, go to:

The N.C. State Fair is Oct. 15-25 at the Raleigh fairgrounds.

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