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Deskbound? Stressed out? Win ‘4-Minute Fit’ exercise book

“4-Minute Fit: The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time-Crunched, Deskbound and Stressed Out” (Touchstone, $16.99) is billed as being written by “America’s Fittest Truck Driver.”

That would be Siphwe Baleka, a Yale-educated truck driver and fitness guru who says he has come up with a metabolism-spiking program for those who think they don’t have enough time, equipment or money to get in shape.

Baleka founded Fitness Trucking and has helped thousands of long-haul truck drivers with his 13-week nutrition and exercise plan.

If you’d like to win “4-Minute Fit,” send an email to by midnight Wednesday (March 22) and include your mailing address. Please put “Trucker” in the subject line of your email to be included in the random drawing. Only the winner will be notified.