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Plumber: How to find a reputable plumber?

Q: Where would you suggest that we look to find a fair, professional and reputable contractor and/or plumber to take on our proposed bathroom renovations?

A: This is a question I am often asked. So often, that when I wrote my book (“Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” Viking Studio) I include a chapter titled “Finding your best contractor,” and here is an excerpt from that chapter.

Finding a good contractor is kind of like being a private eye looking for a missing person. Get in touch with the people that are most likely to give you the information you need. Contact the local building-supply houses, town inspectors and friends of yours who have had some remodeling work done recently to get recommendations you can trust. A good contractor – someone who pays bills on time to the supply house, has a good reputation with local inspectors, and is know to customers for doing quality work – builds a quality reputation across the board.

Bottom line: Keep asking around your community and you’ll find your missing person.

Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as an author, television host and LEED green associate. Reach him at eadelg@cs.com.