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Will Trump be the front end of the horse? – Snow

I don’t know if you watched the “60 Minutes” interview with President-elect Donald Trump after the election.

It revealed a new-sounding Trump. He complimented opponent Hillary Clinton, as well as her husband, Bill. He toned down the rhetorical vows of drastic change he promised during the campaign. Yes, he even sounded presidential some of the time.

Lesley Stahl’s interviews included those with Mrs. Trump and other family members.

All in all, the interviews at least hinted at moderation and an encouraging sense of “Let’s get along with each other” on Mr. Trump’s part.

It’s possible that the mobs marching in the streets across America protesting his election might have sent a sobering message to the president-elect.

Afterward, I asked a friend what she thought of the new image projected by Trump during the interview.

“Well, he at least seems more like the front half of the horse than he appeared to be during the campaign,” my friend said.

The reference dates back to years ago when another friend’s 11-year-old daughter was trying out for the lead in her ballet group’s annual dance recital that featured a blue fairy. The daughter desperately wanted to wear the blue fairy’s beautiful gown.

When my friend returned home from work a few days later, he found the daughter in a down mood.

“Did you get to be the blue fairy?” he asked.”

“No,” Kathie sighed. “I have to be half of a horse.”

But then she brightened.

“But guess what, Dad! I get to be the front half!”

So let those of us who didn’t support Mr. Trump be equally optimistic and give our next president an opportunity to prove he’s the front end of the horse as he leads the nation through perilous times ahead.

Election buzzword

As Hamlet said, it’s not a word that falls trippingly on the tongue. It’s a word that kids in the finals of the National Spelling Bee might misspell and then have to sit down in tears. Why? Because it’s not a word they routinely encounter.

It’s a word that, when pronounced, sounds as if it has to do with a rubdown at the local YMCA.

The word heard during the recent presidential election was one of several used to describe and disparage our president-elect.

The word is misogynist, meaning a man who hates women.

“Are you bonkers? He doesn’t hate women! He married three of them!” a Trump defender pointed out.

Pet peeve

Undoubtedly, Bob Williams of Fuquay-Varina isn’t the only critic irritated by TV news reporters who end their reports with, “Reporting LIVE from ...”

“We know they are alive. If they weren’t alive, they wouldn’t be reporting,” Bob concludes. “Instead, they could say, ‘at the scene’ or ‘on site in’ or use some other sign off.

“It’s especially grating when their reports involve a death, murder, auto fatality or whatever. The phrase then must seem very insensitive to the survivors.”

House hunting

On a chilly November morning, bright sunlight illuminated the sky-blue tint of bluebirds darting in and out of the backyard bird house.

I hope they’re house hunting. The rent is reasonable. The view is easy on the eyes.

Rent includes seed and suet at the bird feeders, water in the bird bath and bread crumbs atop the patio wall. During child-raising periods, dessert of live meal worms will be served.

Mea culpa

I must have been somewhere in la la land when in a recent column I wrote that “no prob” is a poor substitute for “Thank you.” It is, of course, an overworked sub for “You’re welcome.”

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