Have a bad dog? Win Zak George’s ‘Dog Training Revolution’ book

In “Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love” (Ten Speed, $14.99), celebrity dog trainer Zak George distills information from his hundreds of videos and from his experience working with thousands of dogs into one comprehensive guide.

The book covers everything from choosing the right dog, socialization, house training and basic training, as well as behavioral issues like leash pulling, jumping and unwanted barking.

George does not adhere to breed stereotypes, myths or archaic thinking about dog behavior, but scientific research and ethical advancements. George has starred in Animal Planet’s “SuperFetch” and BBC’s “Who Let the Dogs Out.” He also has a very popular YouTube Channel.

If you’d like to win “Dog Training Revolution,” send an email to by midnight Wednesday (May 24) and include your mailing address. Please put “Training” in the subject line of your email to be included in the random drawing. Only the winner will be notified.