Stealz app inks deals with Another Broken Egg Cafe, McDonald's

Raleigh-based coupon app Stealz has added new restaurants this summer, increasing the number of places North Carolina users can receive promotions.

The service, which operates out of HQ Raleigh, partnered with 11 McDonald’s restaurants in the Triangle and Another Broken Egg Cafe, which has six franchises in the state.

The McDonald’s partnership announced this week is a big win for the company as it tries to prove its viability for large-scale chain restaurants. The app rewards customer loyalty while promoting businesses.

Every partner offers an instant deal and more discounts become available as customers post about the business on Facebook. An instant deal is redeemed by opening the company’s profile on Stealz.

The deals are often less conventional than a loyalty stamp card, and include inviting restaurant guests to perform tasks for rewards, like arm wrestling a store manager for a free drink.

The instant deal for McDonald’s is a free snack-size McFlurry, an ice cream dessert. Performing a song for the manager will yield a free Big Mac. A user who racks up 100 points at a McDonald’s location receives a free hamburger party for 10 friends. Discounts can be redeemed separately at each location and points accumulated are specific to each franchise.

The partnership with Another Broken Egg Cafe was established in June. Opening a page for one of these franchises awards users with a free order of beignets, a French pastry. This restaurant has locations at North Hills in Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, Asheville and Charlotte.

Stealz offers can already be redeemed at other Triangle stores, including Player’s Retreat on Hillsborough Street, Fab’rik Raleigh in Cameron Village and Big Daddy’s Burger Bar in Seaboard Station.

The service is available in almost 30 cities in the United States and has increased hiring to keep up with the company’s growth, said Jody Cumberpatch, director of marketing and content at Stealz.