North Carolina IT job postings fell in July

Postings for information technology jobs across North Carolina, which had risen for four consecutive months, fell 5.5 percent in July.

A total of 3,750 IT jobs were advertised in July, down from 3,970 in June, according to a new report from the N.C. Technology Association.

“The summer is here with the job market taking a step back,” the report states.

However, the report also suggests that focusing on the number of jobs being advertised may be misleading given that, according to state Labor Department data, hiring in industries that rely heavily on IT workers is up over the last 12 months.

It’s possible that IT jobs are being filled faster, depressing the need to post jobs on corporate websites compared to other states, the report said.

Nationwide, IT job postings fell seven-tenths of a percent in July compared to June.

The NCTA report is prepared by SkillPROOF, which focuses on job market data and research.