Quick, grab that award!

With the benefit of hindsight, communications firm French/West/Vaughan’s anointment as “Consumer Agency of the Year” by a public relations trade journal came in just under the wire.

Last month, just a few days after the Bulldog Reporter informed the Raleigh agency that it had won the honor, the 34-year-old publication shut down. It’s unclear, in fact, whether the Bulldog Reporter ever published this year’s award winners, which don’t show up on its now-dormant website.

Rick French, chairman and CEO of the 90-person agency, said he was somewhat deflated when he learned of the Bulldog Reporter’s demise. Nevertheless, he said, “it’s still a validation of the good work we have done for clients and the way we have run the agency over the years.”

In addition to being named the top consumer agency, French/West won a third-place bronze award for Midsize Agency of the Year. And French received a bronze award for Agency Professional of the Year.

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