State’s IT job market improved in October

The statewide market for information technology jobs rebounded in October, according to the latest report from the N.C. Technology Association.

A total of 3,780 IT jobs were posted in North Carolina in October, up 6.2 percent from September. That contrasts with September, when IT job postings declined 6.1 percent compared to August.

“While job postings went through a down cycle at the beginning of this year with a low point at around 3,000 opportunities, they have now stayed above 3,500 postings since June,” the report states. “We don’t expect labor demand to change much before the end of the year as we go through the holiday season.”

Nationwide, the market for IT jobs rose one-half percent.

The NCTA report is prepared by SkillPROOF, which focuses on job market data and research.