Tesla to open first high-speed charging station in NC

Electric carmaker Tesla plans to open its first high-speed charging station in North Carolina this week.

The “Supercharger” station, where electric car owners can fill up in a half-hour, is planned for Burlington, along Interstate 85. It is part of a planned nationwide network of 50 such stations nationwide by the end of the year, including a half-dozen in North Carolina.

Tesla is planning the recharging infrastructure to support owners of the company’s electric cars, which are designed to travel as far as 300 miles between charges. The charging stations are intended as an alternative to gasoline filling stations available to drivers of conventional cars, except that Tesla is offering the fuel (electricity) at no cost.

Fully stocked luxury versions of the Tesla Model S, the company’s flagship electric automobile, carry a price tag exceeding $100,000. More affordable models are in the works for the future, the company has said.

The grand opening of the Burlington charging station is scheduled for Thursday at 1080 Piper Lane, in the parking lot of Carousel Luxury Cinemas. The station will be open round-the-clock and feature eight charging stalls.

For a map of the planned station locations, go to: