Charles & Colvard gems no longer available on Zales, Gordon’s websites

Charles & Colvard abruptly announced late Wednesday that its Forever Brilliant moissanite gemstones are no longer available on the websites of retailers Zales and Gordon’s Jewelers.

The one-sentence announcement came just five days after Morrisville-based Charles & Colvard put out a release touting the deals with the two retailers. Its stock rose 10 percent following the news.

Charles & Colvard shares closed Friday at $5.29, up 2 cents.

Wednesday’s statement gave no reason for why the gemstones are no longer being sold on the retailers’ websites.

Charles & Colvard began selling Forever Brilliant stones last year. The product is a whiter gemstone than the company’s other moissanite gemstones.

Charles & Colvard signed an agreement this fall with Kohl’s to sell the Forever Brilliant stones on its retail website.

The company also sells finished jewelry products directly to consumers at its website and is building up a home party business called Lulu Avenue.

Staff writer David Bracken