Appia reaches out to app and game developers

Appia, a fast-growing Durham apps purveyor and advertiser, is making it simple for mobile app and game developers to plug into its network of advertisers.

“We want to make it easy for anyone to work with Appia and run ads in their apps and games,” said CEO Jud Bowman.

Any app or game developer can go to the Appia website, create an account, download a snippet of code and almost immediately start running ads from the likes of Priceline, Vonage and, the maker of the popular “Candy Crush Saga” mobile game. Appia will share its revenue with developers.

Appia got its start building and operating app stores for companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Samsung, then ventured into what it calls “sponsored apps” in 2011.

That involves companies paying Appia $1 or more each time one of their apps is downloaded. So, in addition to featuring the apps in the app stores it operates, Appia also advertises them elsewhere to maximize its revenue.

“We’ve now delivered 70 million app installs from all those ads – and counting,” Bowman said.

Making mobile app and game developers part of the network is designed to boost exposure of those ads and create more revenue for Appia.

“We believe this is going to greatly increase the scale of our ad network,” Bowman said.

The privately held company, which has 86 employees, says that revenue jumped 345 percent in 2013.

“We had an awesome year,” Bowman said.

Staff writer David Ranii