State denies UNC request to build nursing facility in Chatham Park development

State regulators have denied a UNC Health Care application to build a 90-bed nursing facility in the proposed Chatham Park development near Pittsboro.

The Certificate of Need section within the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services instead awarded the beds to Liberty Healthcare Properites of Chatham County, which is also planning to build a 90-bed nursing facility.

In a statement, UNC Health Care said it is disappointed with the CON decision, and is evaluating its options.

State regulators last month did give approval for UNC to build an inpatient hospice facility in Chatham. That project was not competitvely bid.

North Carolina allows only a fixed number of new hospital rooms to be built each year, and its decisions often result in fierce competition and endless appeals.

Chatham Park is a massive planned development that could eventually be home to 60,000 people, 22,000 homes and clusters of corporate campuses all spread across 7,500 acres.

The developers behind the project are now seeking to have the Chatham Park land brought inside the Pittsboro town boundaries and declared the area appropriate for a “planned development district.”