IT job postings in state hit two-year low

Information technology job postings across North Carolina fell to a two-year low in January, according to the latest report from the N.C. Technology Association.

All of the industries tracked for the NCTA report had fewer North Carolina job openings in January compared to the prior month.

A total of 3,000 IT jobs were posted in North Carolina in January, down 7.1 percent from December. Year to year, the decline was 16.4 percent; and, compared to two years ago, there were 27.2 percent fewer postings.

In broad brush strokes, "the trend has been negative since 2012, taking a toll on job seekers in the state," the report notes.

Still, the report also states that "indicators suggest that the market is turning around."

In the past three years, the IT job market in North Carolina has resembled a "camel back" with upswings early in the year.

"This 'camel back' will reappear this year but it is uncertain whether employers will post more (jobs than) last year," the report states. The NCTA report is prepared by SkillPROOF, which focuses on job market data and research.