State’s IT jobs rise in March

The market for information technology jobs across North Carolina, which has been soft since peaking in June, improved by 1.7 percent in March.

The uptick from February to March “may be a turning point,” noted the latest report on IT jobs from the N.C. Technology Association.

The job offerings among different industry sectors changed little. Financial and banking employers and IT services had more job openings in March than in February. HiTech and defense were lower than the month before.

“The general job market in North Carolina had dropped over the past four months but showed improvements in February and March,” the report states. “The IT job market may be picking up as part of this development.”

Still, the 3,030 IT jobs that were posted statewide in March was 22.9 percent lower than 12 months ago.

“While this appears to be a lot, the volume of job postings can swing significantly reflecting changes in business confidence,” the report states. “Even with lower business confidence, actual payroll may be growing.”

Nationwide, IT job postings rose eight-tenths of a percent.

The NCTA report is prepared by SkillPROOF, which focuses on job market data and research.

Staff writer David Ranii